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Top 5 reasons to Love Flowers!

reason to love flowersFlowers are called messengers of God. Considered to be the ultimate gift from Mother Nature, flowers are the most-accepted and acclaimed way to commemorate an occasion and convey expressions. Whether it is Valentine’s Day, birthday gift or a business event, flowers are the safest bet. Everybody loves to receive flowers, be it a man or woman.  There are plenty of reasons that why everybody loves flowers but if you are still looking for some lame excuses to send flowers, here we are listing top 5 reasons that make them an all-time favorite!

  • Flowers uplift your mood: There have been many researches to prove that flowers give positive vibes and are capable to change your mood. Flowers are the lost link between humans and nature, and this is probably why we feel happier and blessed when we are surrounded by them. Even corporate houses have started to send flowers and gifts to their employees to make them feel valued and enhance their morale. It has also been concluded in various researches that flowers increase the alertness level as well as productivity levels in employees by reducing their stress and pressure.
  • Flowers Speak Volumes: Be it an occasion where you want to send flowers to share a message of sympathy or a celebration, saying it with flowers is so much easier. All you have to do is send flowers that justify the occasion and rest is done! Flowers portray care, passion and romance, all rolled into one. Sending a cheerful fresh flower bouquet to your loved one intends that you are thinking about them and love them immensely! Can you think of a simpler yet grand way to express your emotions? Yeah, me neither.
  • Flowers Bring Color: Try putting a bunch of flowers in a vase in the most neglected corner of your house.  Yes, you know what happens next! That corner becomes the center point of your room. A bunch of flowers give your home a magical makeover while infusing color to your interiors.  Imagine having your spring or fall décor planned around flowers!
  • Flowers Show that you Care: Whether you are sending a luxury flower bouquet of exotic tulips teamed up with chocolates and soft toy, or a bunch of roses, it is the gesture that matters and it is the thought that counts. When you send somebody flowers, it shows that you care and value a relationship. When you do a great effort to send them a beautiful bunch of flowers, it is translated into affection at the other end, resulting in a stronger relationship that can withstand the test of times. After all, love is all you need.
  • Flowers are a Prettier way to Break the Ice: Not on talking terms anymore? Too much awkwardness? Well, there can’t be a better and gorgeous way than blooms to clear the air (Literally, as NASA has enlisted some of the blooms and plants as air purifiers too)! Scan your phone and send a couple of fresh flower bouquets to friends and relatives you haven’t spoken to since your last argument or awkward conversation. Flowers are the sure-shot way to ease the way to somebody’s heart. Try it!

Be it small or the big celebrations of your life, nothing quite make them special the way flowers do! Keep calm and get flowers!

The best way to make someone happy

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