flower-hacks-banHere is a list of florist in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack area:

Easy Flowers

Easy Flowers

Near nokia Care, Janpath, Sahid Nagar
Bhubaneshwar, Odisha 751007
Phone: +91-80599-222-88

Arena Flowers


Kodinagar Near Petrol Pump Tanki,
Bapuji Nagar
Bhubaneshwar, Odisha 751009
Phone: +91-822-208-8366

Mrs Florist


Rupali Chhak, Saheed Nagar
Saheed Nagar
Sahid Nagar
Bhubaneshwar, Odisha 751007

Cuttack- The City of Filigree Art

Cuttack is known as one of the biggest cities in eastern India and is the erstwhile capital of the state of Odisha. It is known for the various temples that you can find around the city, moreover it is the also the administrative capital of Cuttack district which makes the city all the more important.

The past

The name of the city is in fact the anglicized version of its original name of katak. The word katak literally means fort in Odiya. Many people say that the name is derived or is inspired by the Barabati fort which was touted to be one of the best forts of India and has weathered a lot of epic battles. This place has always been a sought after city, primarily because of its proximity to the ports. This city has seen the rule of the natives, the Mughals, the Marathas and finally the British and yet they have been able to keep their identity intact.

The modern Cuttack

Cuttack means capital and the life and the people of the state will always remind you that it’s worth the name. Even after being lashed by two cyclones with the latest being cyclone Philan, it has successfully and steadily grown into a modern city. This city not only boasts for its ports but also for the booming business and trade that has changed the face of the state for better. Festivals are big in the city and it is imperative that use of flowers is extensive. So to make good on this promising business prospect, the people here have decided to start flower delivery business which speaks volumes about the business minded approach of the people. Apart from business, people from all over the country as well from outside throng the streets of Cuttack to get a glimpse of the famous Cuttack Chandi temple.

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